Jewels of the Rainforest - Poison Frogs of the Family Dendrobatidae
Jerry G. Walls
The Rainforests
Some Taxonomic Background
Checklist of the Poison Frogs
As a General Rule
The View from the Terrarium
Dendrobates auratus, the Green and Black Poison Frog
Dendrobates azureus, the Blue Poison Frog
Dendrobates granuliferus, the Granular Poison Frog
Dendrobates histrionicus, the Harlequin Poison Frog
Dendrobates leucomelas, the Yellow-banded Poison Frog
Dendrobates pumilio, the Strawberry Poison Frog
Dendrobates tinctorius, the Dyeing Poison Frog
Dendrobates ventrimaculatus, the Amazonian Poison Frog
Other Dendrobates
Epipedobates tricolor, the Phantasmal Poison Frog
Epipedobates trivittatus, the Three-striped Poison Frog
Other Epipedobates
The Genus Minyobates
Phyllobates terribilis, the Golden Poison Frog
Phyllobates vittatus, the Golfodulcean Poison Frog
Of Rockets and Skunks
The Social Poison Frog
Appendix: A Different Poison Frog Classification
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